• VAL is a new token used to reward SORA network validators that secure the network, created by community governance; all contracts and executable code were released in a disabled form and could not be used until activation by a community member (by insertion of cryptographic proof of the referendum); now it is fully activated
  • VAL fully diluted supply will be 100,000,000. Only 33,900,000 VAL are currently circulating and the supply is capped until SORA v2 network launch
  • The VAL token can be found here on Etherscan:
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VAL is the validator reward token for the SORA Network, used to reward those that stake XOR as part of the Nominated Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm. As described, VAL is a deflationary token that gets burned with each transaction on the SORA network. A portion of the burned tokens is then re-minted and distributed to validators and stake nominators, in accordance with the reward rules. …


  • Multi-body sortition allows for collusion- and censorship-resistant governance
  • Unlike many other blockchain networks and societies that use token voting, SORA will utilize multi-body sortition in order to govern the SORA blockchain network and use of the SORA funds in a decentralized way
  • In the SORA Parliament, no single body or committee can both propose and decide something; clear separation of powers allows for careful review and avoids self-selection

Ordo Ab Chao

For millennia, human societies have organized into many forms of governance. In ancient Athens, democracy evolved over a period of 200 years and improved continuously over that time. Modern democratic systems, however, ignore many of the successful principles of Athenian democracy and have mostly degenerated to easily controllable popularity contests, using weaponized social media and control over news sources. …

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We are excited to announce the winners of the SORA 1st Anniversary Meme Contest!

Thanks a lot to everyone who applied to the meme contest! The SORA 1st Anniversary Meme Contest was a success and a lot of fun for everyone.

You have made us happy, inspired us to think, and left us in awe of your talent and passion.

🕵️For further details, please check out the latest developer update.

⚠️The winners will receive their VAL tokens after the launch of VAL in November. ⚠️

👨🏻‍💻The twitter handle @Grugonion will contact you on twitter to process the transaction after the launch of VAL in November.

Now it is time to announce the winners of the Meme Contest!

But before we do so, we would like to thank the sponsor Soramitsu for making this possible. The Technology company Soramitsu donated the reward all by themselves, so thanks to Soramitsu and the team! …

The SORA, Polkaswap, and Fearless Wallet projects are all closely related as they form integral parts of the SORA ecosystem. That is why we release a development status update every two weeks for these three projects, in one convenient place. Enjoy our October 30 Dev update! If you missed the first one, check out our October 16 Dev update.

SORA Dev Update #2

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

✌️ The VAL token was released on the SORA testnet. Updated mobile applications are being reviewed now. …

October 17, 2020, is the 1 year anniversary of the SORA network launch. To celebrate, we want to focus on what’s really important in life — memes. That’s right, we are going to hold a meme contest!

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Meme Contest Prizes

  • First place memes: 625 VAL tokens and 6 cans of Noir (if shipping is available, otherwise 200 VAL will be given)
  • Second place memes: 500 VAL tokens and 3 cans of Noir (if shipping is available, otherwise 100 VAL will be given)
  • Third place memes: 300 VAL tokens

Further 10 memes will be rewarded with 50 VAL tokens by our memetic researchers

The winners will receive the VAL tokens after the launch of VAL in November.

The SORA, Polkaswap, and Fearless Wallet projects are all closely related as they have some relationship to the SORA ecosystem. Therefore, we would like to do a development status update every two weeks for these three projects, in one convenient place. This is the first time we have tried this, so please enjoy!

SORA Dev Update #1

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

✌️VAL token distribution and VAL token support in mobile application has been implemented.

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🔗 Dev team has updated the SORA-Ethereum bridge. …


  • By the end of mid November, v1 XOR on the SORA v1 mainnet will be converted to VAL
  • The conversion factor between v1 XOR and VAL is 0.0628651118561449
  • Around the launch of the SORA v2 mainnet, there will be a snapshot of ERC-20 XOR holdings and ERC-20 holders who have control over their private keys will be able to claim VAL on the SORA v2 network
  • 94.57142857142857 VAL will be airdropped per XOR to ERC-20 XOR holders, during the first year of the SORA v2 network
  • We expect the SORA v2 mainnet to launch between December 2020 — February 2021
SORA geisha waifu
SORA geisha waifu
You can get an NFT of SORA waifu Akiko Soramoto here


As part of outlining the vision for SORA v2, we published an article explaining the conversion of XOR from a free-floating token, to one backed by a multi-collateral reserve pool, as well as an article explaining a new validator-incentive token called VAL, that is a reward for those who secure the SORA v2 network. …


  • v1 XOR holders will have their tokens converted into VAL such that the total amount held will constitute approximately 1/3 of the VAL supply (VAL tokens were formerly called STK in some documents)
  • ERC-20 XOR will simply become XOR, without any changes
  • ERC-20 XOR holders will be given approximately 1/3 of the VAL supply, after the SORA v2 network launch, via an airdrop and in exchange for performing certain actions
  • The SORA Parliament will be given approximately 1/3 of the VAL supply after the SORA v2 network launch and after the Parliament is operational; the Parliament will vote on how to allocate these…

Эта публикация является переводом статьи SORA VALidator Rewards на русский язык.


  • Токен VAL, ранее в некоторых документах был упомянут как STK
  • VAL — новый токен в экономике SORA, который используется для вознаграждения валидаторов
  • Первоначальный совокупный запас VAL составит 100 миллионов и будет со временем снижаться, поскольку при проведении каждой транзакции в сети SORA v2, VAL будет сжигаться
  • Владельцы VAL смогут объединяться в структуры ДАО и голосовать за распределение ликвидности в Polkaswap; распределяемая ликвидность обеспечивается половиной прибыли от кривой связывания токена SORA
  • Токены VAL будут равномерно распределены между 3 группами в 3 этапа: между бывшими владельцами токена SORA v1 (в течение сентября), владельцами токена SORA ERC-20 (на старте сети SORA v2) и будущим Парламентом SORA (после запуска сети…

This is a transcript of the AMA that took place on 09/12/2020 15:00 CEST in the Sora Telegram Group

SORA VALidator Rewards article can be found here


Dear community! We will now start the live AMA with Mr. Makoto Takemiya and will first answer the questions previously asked.

After the submitted questions we will have a small live Q&A and Makoto will try to answer all your questions.

Hello everybody. I am happy to answer all your questions ^_^

Let’s start with the first pre-submitted question:

I have not yet understood the exact number of VAL that will be proportionally allocated to owners of XOR ERC-20 without them having to do any activities. …


Sora XOR

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